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Annual Selector
SnappTax Calculator Using the SA 2020 - 2021 Tax Tables
1) Age Related Rebates and Thresholds
Age Next
Auto calculated @ at age 66 and 76 next
2) Gross Income
Gross Income
Salary, Overtime Rental, Child Support etc
Gross Taxable Income
Adjusted Income When/If Applicable
3) Additional Deductables and Exemptions If Applicable
Non Taxable
Tax Free Income If applicable
Deductable Contributions
Example: Retirement Funding
4) Tax Figures
Net Taxable Income
After Deductions
Tax Payable
Average Tax Rate 0%
5) Take Home Calculation
Available After Tax
After Tax - Take Home Available
Budgeted After Tax
After Tax - Take Home Required
Balance if shortfall / Invest If In excess
6) Use the Adjuster to balance Budget Shortfall against Available Income
Red fields are input fields
Blue fields are output fields